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Adobe Flash Player Reaches End of Life but Still a Security Risk

Adobe Flash Player reaches the end of life but will still be found lingering in the wild in one form or another and keeping it a security risk

With time finally catching up with the official end of Adobe Flash Player recently, the reality is that it will continue to be a security risk for a long time to come seeing it will not disappear from the Internet for a long time.

Adobe Flash Player used to be a popular tool for web designers. It was used to add interactivity to websites. Back in the day it won the war with Java applets and became the preferred tool for creating interactivity, animations, games, and more on websites.

With the introduction of HTML5 and the advances with JavaScript and CSS3, with their native inclusion in modern web browsers, Adobe Flash Player’s days were officially numbered.

In spite of that, there was a much bigger problem. The software had numerous security problems, coupled with performance issues. Back in 2010, Apple took a stand by announcing that it would eventually drop support for the software.

Adobe announced in a statement that will no longer be supporting Flash Player after December 31, 2020, and Adobe will block Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021.

The disruption from this turn of events is not expected to have widespread inconvenience especially for the web applications as web browsers for a while now have been blocking the software from running on installations.

We are also not ignorant to the fact that malicious people on the Internet have been exploiting Flash Player-like update notifications to trick people into installing malware or hack into their private systems.

As expected, now that Adobe no longer provides security updates, hackers and other threat actors will be spending sleepless nights to find new vulnerabilities that they can exploit knowing they will never be patched as was the case when Windows XP and Windows 7 reached the end of life.

Aside from browsers’ security; It is recommended to always have a security solution installed on endpoints such as anti-malware/anti-virus software which will help to continue to protect against new Adobe Flash Player vulnerabilities and scam attacks.

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