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Here’s the April 2017 ACCU Overload 138 Journal

April 2017 ACCU Overload 138 Journal Cover


The April issue of the bi-monthly issue, the ACCU Overload 138 journal is out. This magazine covers various programming topics with a biased focus towards C++ programming.

This Journal is published by the ACCU which was previously known as the Association of C and C++ Users but now focuses on more varied topics away from C or C++ even though there is still a strong inclination towards these languages.

This is What is in Store from the ACCU Overload 138 Journal for April 2017

We take a look at Elm, which is a functional language which compiles to JavaScript. Here we are given a taste of this language with some code into the Space Invaders game by Ossi Hanhinen.

Frances Buontempo then gives us some insights into decision making with algorithms. hereafter Andy Thomason takes a look at Single Module Builds and how they can optimize build times. Emyr Williams then takes the hot seat and sits through an interview.

We then take a look at running C++ in a web browser with Emscripten by Sergey Ignatchenko. Deák Ferenc then looks at Contractual loopholes in how compilers optimize away functions. Something you might not always want. Teddy Deigh then examines how number bases present us with a number of choices in your daily projects.

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Don’t take our summary for it, go ahead and get yourself a copy of the PDF issue of the April 2017 ACCU Overload 138 Journal here.