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August 2020 Unreal Engine Free for the Month Marketplace Goodies

Epic Games lines up yet another bunch of free content from the Unreal Engine marketplace. The August 2020 Unreal Engine free for the month products feature content from five sellers across different domains.

The Unreal Engine marketplace free for the month program is where every month Epic Games selects five product and make them available for free for the entire month. If purchased within the free period, these products are available to the buyer for free forever.

This is the list of products lined up this month:

Tropical Jungle Pack

August 2020 Unreal Engine
Courtesy: Tropical Jungle Pack by PolyAsset3D

Tropical Jungle Pack is an asset pack collection by PolyAsset3D. The collection contains high quality photorealistic tropical forest trees, grass clusters, bushes, ferns, rocks, and rivers for creating a realistic forest.

It comes with a unified wind parameter with Material Parameter Collection (MPC), realistic wind movement, simple foliage interaction with the player, and PBR materials.

Check out more details from the official pack pager here.

Medieval Kingdom

Courtesy: Medieval Kingdom by beffio

Medieval Kingdom is an asset pack by beffio creative studio. It is a next-gen PBR 3D modular art package contains hundreds of fully customizable models to create your own RPG or RTS Game for First Person or Top-Down View.

The pack contains 500 models featuring 28 Buildings made using modular elements, 11 PBR Grounds, Trees, Grass, Ivy, Bush, Ferns, and leaves animated using Vertex Displacement Shader, 4k textures for each material PBR material channel, and much more.

You can find out more information about the Medieval Kingdom asset pack here.

Truck and Trailers

August 2020 Unreal Engine
Courtesy: Truck and Trailers by VMR

Truck and Trailers are brought by VMR. This pack consists of a game-ready truck and trailers with an attach/detach system.

it features clear geometry, customizable truck color, physics, attach/detach system, 6 different trailers, 1 high-quality truck, high-quality interior with an animated steering wheel, and animated dashboard arrows with lights with support for Windows platform.

You can find out more about this pack from the official Unreal Engine marketplace page here.

Generic Radial Menus v2.0 – Selection Wheels and Pie Menus

August 2020 Unreal Engine
Courtesy: Generic Radial Menus v2.0 by PolyHavoc

Generic Radial Menus v2.0 by PolyHavoc allows users to easily add radial menus to games. This release comes with 15 new radial textures making a total of 19. Custom inputs are now supported. There is a new material system that allows one to customize the look and color of your menu in the editor. The target platforms include PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

For download and more information about this package, please visit the official page that can be found here.

Root Motion Extractor

Courtesy: Root Motion Extractor by Yaki Studios

Root Motion Extractor is a plugin by Yaki Studios that allows you to extract root motion data. With this extracted data, you can fix errors like a foot sliding and lets you use all root movement coordinates in non-root motion animations.

Some of the possibilities with this Windows platform supported plugin includes the ability to extract movement speed, right movement, forward movement, up movement, yaw rotation, pitch rotation, and roll rotation. It also supports writing to animations and float curve assets.

Find out more about this plugin and how to get yourself a copy from the official plugin page here.

These are the August 2020 Unreal Engine free for the month marketplace goodies that you can use in your current and future personal and commercial games. As usual, we will be back with next months’ collection.

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