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A New Boost 1.61.0 Update Announced

The release of Boost 1.61.0 library has been announced for immediate availability. The release comes a few weeks after the release of the previous release.

Boost is a collection of portable open-source cross-platform C++ libraries that work well with the C++ Standard Library. It is maintained by members of the Boost community.

What’s new in Boost 1.61.0?

Boost 1.61.0 comes with a bunch of new features that make this much-appreciated update. Among those are a number of new libraries. These libraries include Compute which is a parallel GPU computing library.

Also new to Boost is DLL library. This library facilitates the loading of libraries, importing of native functions and variables. Making of alias names for C++ mangled functions and more.

Hana is now included as a modern C++ metaprogramming library providing high-level algorithms to manipulate heterogeneous sequences and more.

Metaparse also makes the list of new libraries. Metaparse is a library for generating compile time parsers for embedded DSL code as part of the C++ compilation process.

There are also a few existing libraries that have been updated and these include Any, Container and Context. Coroutine, Coroutine2, and Fusion also get some updates. We have Geometry, Interprocess and Intrusive as well Lexical Cast, Log and Math getting many updates.

Move, Multiprecision, Optional, Regex, Test, and Variant also get various fixes. You can find the details of this updates here. To download Boost 1.61.0 you will need to get it from the download page.

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