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The Boost 1.63.0 Library Update is now Available

Boost 1.63.0 has been announced for general availability. This release comes with a host of updated libraries which includes added features and bug fixes.

Boost is an collection of cross platform and open source C++ source libraries used to build high quality applications. It promotes code reuse, fewer bugs and quicker development timelines. Some of the libraries within Boost have already been included in the C++11 standard and more have been proposed for inclusion in the C++17 standard.

Highlights of the Boost 1.63.0 Update

Several of the libraries have been updated and these include Atomic with improved conformance with C++17 and support for Oracle Studio. Container and Context have a few bug problems taken care of. Fiber has a few performance improvements and new classes included.

Fusion has gotten a few fixes and improvements so is the same Geometry. Hash, Interprocess, Intrusive and Lexical Cast also get much needed fixes. Log gets bug fixes and new features added to it while Metaparse and Move also gets some improvements as is the case with Optional.

Phoenix and Python now have added support for C++11. Test gets some bug fixes while TypeIndex has gotten some improvements added. Units also gets some improvements while Unordered gets some bug fixes as well as fixes.

For the complete list of additions and details on the improvements and fixes please visit the official Boost release page here.

Meanwhile you can download Boost 1.63.0 from the official download page here.

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