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Boost 1.75.0 Release With JSON, LEAF, and PFR Libraries

This latest Boost 1.75.0 release C++ library has been announced with the newly added JSON, LEAF, and PFR libraries.

Boost is a collection of free peer-reviewed, open-source, and portable C++ source libraries that work well with the C++ Standard Library. Boost is also an important source for additions to the Standard C++ Library as adopted by the C++ Standards Committee.

Highlights of the Boost 1.75.0 Release

First off, it is good to note that Boost.Operators is currently incompatible with C++20 compilers. it is known that in some cases may manifest as an infinite recursion or infinite loop in runtime when a comparison operator is called.

This is caused by the new operator rewriting behavior introduced in C++20. As a workaround, users are advised to target C++17 or older C++ standard.

The following are the new libraries that come with Boost 1.75.0 release.

  • JSON by Vinnie Falco and Krystian Stasiowski: This library brings JSON parsing, serialization, and DOM in C++11.
  • LEAF by Emil Dotchevski: This is a lightweight error-handling library for C++11.
  • PFR by Antony Polukhin: This is a Basic reflection without macro or boilerplate code for user-defined types.

Other libraries that have received new features, fixes or updates include Asio, Atomic, Beast, Container, Endian, Filesystem, GIL, Histogram, Interprocess, Intrusive, Log, Move, Mp11, Optional, Outcome, Polygon, Preprocessor, Rational, Signals2, System, uBLAS, VMD, and Wave.

You can read more about what’s new in Boost 1.75.0 release from the official release page here where you can also find the links to download the library for both Unix and Windows platforms.

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