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CLion 2016.2.1 Release now out for General Availability

JetBrains has announced the release of the CLion 2016.2.1 Release for general availability. This comes in as the second version of their new update model announced earlier in the year.

CLion is JetBrain’s C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with modern features and tools to enhance the developers experience.

Highlights of the CLion 2016.2 Release

CLion 2016.2 introduces improved debugger startup time and stepping of various views and data structures. This is in addition to bug fixes and other performance enhancements. LLDB version on OS X is now 3.8. GDB version has been updated to 7.11. highest supported version of MinGW-w64 is now at 5.3 and Cygwin 2.5 is now supported.

CLion 2016.2 has support for remote debugging with GDB gdbserver.

Coding completion gets some added enhancements. Speaking of which there is also code generation with custom patterns saving time on the amount of code developers need to type. Doxygen support has also got support in the new CLion.

CMake support has been improved with addition to refactoring support as well as code completion and navigation for symbols. CLion now supports ligature fonts such as Monoid, FireCode, Hasklig and PragmataPro.  If you still like beautifying things further you can always add background images into the editor.

CLion now has Swift 2.2 support via the Swift plugin. There is also a customized JDK bundled with CLion for Windows. Version control comes with several improvements with logging of data views and easy patching.

Early Access Preview for CLion 2016.2.1

There is also an early access preview CLion 2016.2.1 EAP which is a a bug-fix update the current version. Some of highlighted updates includes the bundled CMake 3.6. The rest are centered around Project View fixes and improved language support. There is a full list of the updates here for your perusing. You can download a copy of CLion 2016.2.1 EAP from this location.

You can get the whole scoop of updates by going to the official list of changes here.  Don’t forget to get yourself a copy of CLion 2016.2 from the official download page here.

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