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CLion 2016.3 EAP now Available for Download

JetBrains has availed the early access preview CLion 2016.3 EAP for developers to get some hands on testing on the new features.

CLion is a is a cross-platform C/C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It runs on Windows, Linux and OS X and is integrated with the CMake build system. It supports Clang and the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) compilers and GDB debugger.

What’s new With CLion 2016.3 EAP

First off there are numerous fixes and improvements that have made it into this version. In addition, some of the features you will be able to test drive include the C++11 User-defined literals (UDL) feature which allows developers to define types out of integer, float, character, and string literals by adding special suffixes. With this feature you can write something like auto kilograms = 10_kg; after defining it.

Speaking of C++11, more keywords have been added as well as code completion for C++11 keywords. There is now a dedicated tab that prints CMake output during compilation.

Semantic highlighting is now included in this version. This allows developers to highlight each variable/parameter with its own color rather than a similar color for all variables or all parameters.

Now with a command-line source code formatter, developers can now format source files outside of the project scope. There are many more features that come with this release with all the details being found here.

You can download a copy of the CLion 2016.3 EAP software from here and give it a shot.

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