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Download Your Copy of CMake 3.6.1 Now

New York-based Kitware has announced the availability of CMake 3.6.1 Release for immediate availability. The release is the second of the 3.6 series to be made publicly available.

CMake is a free and open source tool used primarily by C++ developers on all platforms. This cross-platform system is used to manage software building, testing, and packaging.

What’s New in the new CMake 3.6.1 Release

The Clang compiler is now supported on CYGWIN as well as Bruce C Compiler with compiler id Bruce. The CMakeForceCompiler module and its macros are now deprecated. The find_library(), find_path(), and find_file() commands no longer search in installation prefixes as they are problematic on Unix platforms.

The Visual Studio 7 .NET 2003 generator is now deprecated while the Visual Studio 7 generator (for VS .NET 2002) has been removed. The Visual Studio 6 generator which had been deprecated since CMake 3.3 has been removed.

The precompiled OS X binary now requires OS X 10.7 or newer.

To get the full scope of changes in CMake 3.6 can be found in the official release notes. Once done you can down the source or relevant binaries from the official download page here.

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