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CMake 3.8.0 Release Available for Download

CMake 3.8.0 Release has been announced for general availability. This new major update comes with a host of new features, improvements and fixes.

CMake is a free and open-source, cross-platform collection of tools designed for building, testing and packaging software projects. His is done by controlling the compilation process using independent configuration files, generative makefiles and workspaces.

This allows developers to use it in their environment of choice.

Highlights of the new CMake 3.8.0 Release

CMake now supports C# (CSharp) as a first-class language supporting Visual Studio generators for VS 2010 and above. It also supports NVIDIA‘s CUDA as a first-class language via the makefile generators and the “Ninja” generator on Linux, macOS, and Windows. It is yet to support CUDA on Visual Studio IDE.

With this version, compiler features functionality now allow CMake to request compiler features from the compilers rather than relying on the developer to explicitely provide them. This includes being aware of C++17.

On Windows the precompiled Windows binary MSI package available on “cmake.org” now records the installation directory in the Windows Registry under the key “HKLM\Software\Kitware\CMake” under “InstallDir”.

To find out more about these and other features you can visit the official release page here. You can also download a copy of CMake 3.8.0 from the official download page here.

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