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The Cosmos Laundromat Pilot Short Film

The Cosmos Laundromat short also known to the Blender community as “Project Gooseberry” is a 12-minute 3D animated short film produced by the Blender Foundation.

Cosmos Laundromat was released back in August 2015. It was intended as a pilot of what is dubbed as the worlds first free and open source animated feature film production.

The Cosmos Laundromat Plot

This short film is the story about a suicidal sheep named Franck who wants to take a leap of faith… or rather a leap of death over a cliff on an isolated island in the middle of the ocean.

Franck’s life is saved by a salesman with the offer of a gift of a lifetime. This gift consists of several lifetimes and featured in this movie is the female adventurer Tara.

You can buy this new feature film and all its assets from the Blender online store.

Meanwhile, if you have not checked it out, you can watch the Cosmos Laundromat pilot below.

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