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Cppcheck 2.0 Release is now Available for Download

Cppcheck 2.0 release as announced is now available for download. It comes with a couple of fixes and new features.

The latest version of the Cppcheck static source code analysis tool for C and C++ code maintains backward compatibility ensuring that older scripts continue to work.

There is a new dependency on the Z3 flag when compiling. Therefore it is recommended to set USE_Z3=yes.

With clang-tidy integration there is improved parsing, detection of more bugs with existing checks, and fixes to false alarms.

There is now an option to use the Clang parser instead of the Cppcheck internal parser, the latter of which is still the preferred parser to use.

Improved analysis with the “soundy” option should help detect most bugs now with possible false alarms.

There is a new checker that checks for division by zero. These include “integer division by zero” bugs in the Juliet test suite and “division by zero” bugs in the ITC test suite.

You can download the latest copy of the Cppcheck 2.0 release from the official source code repository here.

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