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Dead Rising 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Gallery

Dead Rising 4 is a Survival horror, Action-adventure, beat ’em up game developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

The fourth installment in the Dead Rising series was released on 6th December 2016. The video game comes in Single-player or multiplayer playing modes.

Highlights of Dead Rising 4

The game features the return of photojournalist Frank West and takes players back to the Christmas-themed Willamette, Colorado at the much bigger and revamped Willamette mall. The last time the game was here it was a Black Friday-themed setting.

The game takes place 16 years after the original game and 3 years after the third installment. The city has been overwhelmed by another zombie outbreak.

This fourth game focuses a lot on the fun element of the game with virtual several practical jokes you can actually play on the zombies. The graphics and gameplay may not have had a major upgrade from other games from the same generation but the game brings in an element of fun when dealing with clobbering the zombies in all sorts of manners, taking photos (and selfies), and completing missions.

You can get more details about the Dead Rising 4 video game from the Xbox website here. You may also opt to stick around and get a glimpse of some of the screenshots from the actual video gameplay below.

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