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Download the Latests Boost 1.60.0 C++ Libraries

Boost 1.60.0 C++ Libraries have been announced for immediate availability. This new version comes with several bug fixes and library updates over the previous version. Also included is a new library and is available across a wide range of platforms. These officially supported platforms include Linux, Windows, OS X, Android, FreeBSD, SunOS and QNX.

So What’s new in Boost 1.60.0?

Variadic Macro Data library, from Edward Diener has been included as a new library. This library provides a boost to the functionality in the Boost pre-processor library ( Boost PP ) mostly in the pre-processor data types. This introduces a better way of using empty parameters and preprocessor data as well as facilitating their testing.

Also included as some useful macros and methods for testing and parsing for identifiers, numbers, types, tuples, arrays, lists, and their sequences. Boost VMD is a header only library.

You can get more details about the new features in Boost 1.60.0 on the change log page and proceed to download and update your current libraries.



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