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Epic Online Services now Available to all Developers

The Epic Online Services are now available to all developers for free in a single SDK. These announcements made by Epic Games brings the same services Epic uses for its own games to the wider game development community irrespective of platform and game engine.

Epic Online Services allows developers to launch, operate, and scale their games bringing enhanced experiences to the gaming communities.

Other features include the ability to build matchmaking into your games allowing players or groups of players play together. One can also use gamification to motivate your players with badges, statuses, and achievements as they progress in your game.

Lobbies can also be set up to allow players to join sessions. These services allow for the establishment of peer-to-peer network connectivity between multiple players regardless of network, firewall, or router setups.

Leaderboards allow your players to see how they rank against their friends and everyone else, encouraging competitive and engaging gameplay as well as query player stats in real time.

Tracking gameplay, frequency, playerbase, time, and location KPIs to identify opportunities for improvement or expansion can be done through the Game Analytics.

In terms of support you can connect directly with your players and personalize service through tickets tied to player profiles.

You can find out more about the Epic Online Services from the official page here.

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