dotJS 2019 JavaScript Conference for Developers

dotJS 2019 JavaScript Conference

Event Details

he dotJS 2019 JavaScript conference comes hot on the heels after the dotCSS 2019 CSS conference. The JavaScript event takes place at Dock Pullman in Paris, France on 4th and 5th December 2019.

The dotJS 2019 is a two-day conference which is the largest JavaScript conference in Europe. The first day focuses on front-end development while the second day tackles backend development.

The event features a host of sessions and talks from speakers such as Evan You, the creator and lead maintainer of Vue.js. Others are Charlie Gerard from Atlassian, Igor Minar from Google, and Vladimir Agafonkin, the author of the Leaflet JS library.

We also have Chris Heilmann, Vlad Filippov, Bert Belder, known for StrongLoop and Deno, Phil Hawksworth from Netlify, Simona Cotin, Adam Bradley from Ionic, Daniel Ehrenberg from Igalia, Even Stenberg, Tim Neutkens of Next.js, James Long, creator of Prettier, Adrià Fontcuberta from Holaluz, Kassian Wren and Sven Sauleau from Cloudflare, Eduardo San Martin Morote, Maggie Johnson-Pint from the Azure SDK team at Microsoft, and Jana Beck from Stitch Fix.

Get more registration and attendance information from the official website here.

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