Sencha Community Days 2020 Conference


Event Details

The 2nd annual Sencha Community Days 2020 conference takes place at the Novotel Hotel Karlsruhe city in Germany. The scheduled dates are from 11th to 14th May 2020 with the actual conference taking place on 12th and 13th with the other days reserved as the training days.

Sencha Community Days is an annual Sencha ExtJS framework focused on conference and training days. The event offers two tracks (Sencha and Dev) covering topics ranging from ExtJS, Javascript / ECMAScript, Web Development, Software Architecture, Test & Quality, Deployment, and UI / UX.

Other conference topics will cover development, tooling, and meta around ExtJS, Javascript, and the web.

To find out more about the Sencha Community Days 2020 conference and partners such as Eyeworkers and Bryntum, you can visit the official event website here.