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Outdoors Experience: Exploring Mount Suswa

Yap! It’s official. It’s not all work and no play here on Bright Whiz. With that in mind, we will be sharing with you this short video on a bunch of  wannabe explorers pretending to explore Mount Suswa.

Just to give you a hint, I am a major outdoors lover. It kinda bring balance to the long hours spent programming stuff on the computer and keeps me healthy. So it’s officially out there that I am an outdoor adventure athlete as well as a software developer.

Highlights of Mount Suswa

  • Mount Suswa is located in Kenya, East Africa. It is one of the many volcanic mountains that riddle the floor of the Great Rift valley about two hours drive from the capital Nairobi
  • The mountain is located in the Masai community run Mount Suswa Conservancy
  • It stands at an altitude of  2,356 m (7,730 ft) above sea level
  • The mountain described as a Shield volcano has a unique double crater, one on the inside and another surrounding it
  • A variety of wildlife can be found in and around Mount Suswa including but not limited to zebras, giraffes, mongooses, turtles, hyenas, leopards and snakes
  • Suswa is also popular with rock climbers that come to do their shenanigans at the bat caves. Yes Suswa has millions of bats that dwell in caves which are also home to baboons
  • Rauch’s Trail is the main trail to the peak

Without boring you too much you can go ahead and check out the video below and enjoy.

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