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February 2021 Free Content From Unreal Engine Marketplace

Once again we have a run-down of the February 2021 free content from Unreal Engine Marketplace with assets from five creators.

This content is from the monthly Free for the month partnership between Unreal Engine Marketplace creators and Epic Games. In this program select content is made available for free to the Unreal community each month, giving artists, designers, and programmers access to additional resources at no extra cost.

February 2021 Free Content Line-up

This is the line-up of the February 2021 free content.

Supermarket Environment

February 2021 Free Content - Supermarket
Credits: mojtabamohammadi

The Supermarket Environment by mojtabamohammadi is a pack that features a supermarket and everything you will need to stock it up.

Check out the asset pack page here to find out more about the supermarket environment.

Bossy Enemy Animation Pack

Bossy Enemy Animation
Credits: kampinis

Bossy Enemy Animation Pack is a pack by kampinis is an ultra-realistic combat animation pack for a slow boss enemy. The pack features the following:

  • Seven Attacks (Root Motion and In Place)
  • One Staggered (Root Motion and In Place)
  • One Parried (Root Motion and In Place)
  • One Battle Entrance (Root Motion and In Place)
  • Four Reaction Hits (In Place)
  • Four Walk (Root Motion and In Place)
  • One Running (Root Motion and In Place)
  • One Idle (In Place)

Find out more about this pack from the official pack product page here.

Winter Forest Set

Winter Forest Set
Credits: Patrick

The Winter Forest Set by Patrick is a collection of trees, rocks, grass, stumps, twigs, and branches. It features the following:

  • One Grass Cluster Mesh
  • Three Snow Pile Meshes
  • Two Fallen Branch Meshes
  • Two Small Twig Meshes
  • Seven Rock Meshes
  • Three Sapling Meshes
  • Six Tree Meshes
  • One Bush Mesh
  • One Rock Cluster Mesh

Get more details about the Winter Forest set from the official Unreal Engine marketplace page here.

Stylized Modular Character

Stylized Modular Character February 2021 Free Content
Credits: Mad Mike 3D

Stylized Modular Character is an asset pack by Mad Mike 3D. It comes with a host of skeletal and static meshes in both male and female versions of the character as follows:


  • Seven torso parts
  • Five types of heads
  • Three hands parts
  • Seven leg parts
  • One eye set
  • Seven hair sets (including hats and helmets) beard and eyebrows
  • One set of belt components


  • Five torso parts
  • Five types of heads
  • Three hands parts
  • Five leg parts
  • One eye set
  • Six sets of hair (including hats and helmets) and eyebrows

For more details about this pack including a visual demo, you can visit the official marketplace page here.

Industrial Area Hangar

Industrial Area Hangar
Credits: Kirill Sibiriakov

The Industrial Area Hangar set by Kirill Sibiriakov is an asset pack ideal for use in environments featuring open areas, urban or industrial settings.

The pack includes:

  • Modular houses and hangar
  • Drilling platform
  • Few tanks
  • Various Containers
  • Various Railway carriages
  • Road modules
  • Modules of floor slabs
  • variants of lamp posts
  • fences of both metal and concrete
  • Piles of garbage
  • Concrete blocks
  • Garbage containers
  • Wall bracket lamps, turned on and off
  • Water heaters
  • Transformer poles
  • Compressed air bottles
  • Welder,
  • Industrial ventilation piping
  • Metal gates,
  • Modular building timber
  • Wooden pallets, antennas for houses
  • Decals of fallen leaves
  • Puddles that you can add to the road
  • Three trees of different height
  • Reels with cable
  • Rainwater pipes

Check out more details about this February 2021 free content pack from the official marketplace page here.

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