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Remember Mixtapes? Then Welcome Flixtape by Netflix

It’s time to meet Flixtape. Yes you heard me right. Flixtape! That is like a mixtape for Netflix. Netflix obviously continues to innovate from back in the day of physical media delivery to digital streaming. It now seems the guys are not sleeping at all.

On our YouTube Weekend we bring you this video clip of this feature that is appropriately named.

What is a Flixtape?

Well! for those of you who were alive and have some semblance of mature memory of back in the day, you will know what a mixtape is. It is back in the eighties and nineties when we got all our music from the best DJs in town on cassette tapes recorded with a nonstop mix of your favorite hits.

The boom box was the device of choice for getting to listen to these mixtapes. Those were the good old days. According to the video below, Netflix is bringing this sort of thing back this time with Flixtapes.

This is basically a mixtape of your favorite shows on Netflix. You can create a playlist that you can do more than just listen You can share it with friends, family and others and do much more.

Don’t take our word for it. Go on, we know yo want to. Click on that link below and get the scoop on our YouTube Weekend Video.

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