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Another Adorable “I am Groot” Meme Animation to Savor

Another weekend edition is here with the another YouTube moment video featuring a Groot meme. This one features the dancing baby Groot from the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

This obvious meme is titled Blender – Tree Dance by Sardi Pax. Sardi Pax runs a YouTube channel featuring Blender 3D tutorials and creations.

Enter Baby Groot

For those who know the story behind Groot, He is this somewhat indestructible alien tree. He has super strength and can regenerate his limbs… I mean branches if cut off. That’s not all. The alien can instantly lengthen his branches to the convenience of whatever fight he is involved in.

At the end of the first movie of Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel Studios, Groot sacrificed his life for the greater good.

A twig of his remains was saved by his sidekick, the genius Rocket Raccoon for the planet Halfworld and replanted in a flower pot. The movie ends with the new baby tree doing an adorable dance with Drax the Destroyer being oblivious of his actions.

Anyway without much ado Here’s the video with the dancing baby Groot. Enjoy!

Blender Dancing Tree

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