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Another GameWorks VR 1.1 Update up for Grabs

GameWorks VR 1.1. has been released. The announcement was made by NVIDIA.

GameWorks VR is geared towards virtual reality and targets the gaming industry and 3D intensive applications with an array of powerful APIs and libraries.

NVIDIA GameWorks VR features such as Multi-res shading, VR SLI for game developers, Context priority, direct mode, and front buffer rendering are available features for the VR Headset developers.

VR SLI comes in handy for extra performance on virtual reality apps. This allows the VR apps to leverage multiple GPUs assignment on a single eye via the SLI bridge thereby hardware accelerating stereo rendering. VR SLI is supported on DirectX and OpenGL. The latter which is a new addition.

Multi-Res shading allows for the rendering of a single image at different resolutions using Maxwell’s multi-projection architecture to render multiple viewports in a single pass.

Context Priority allows the developers of VR headsets to control GPU scheduling for better control of the real world VR features for greater performance and reduced latency in re-rendering frames.

Direct Mode allows the VR Headset to be distinguished from monitors and to be treated as head-mounted displays. This gives a general overall experience.

Front buffer rendering allows for the reduction of latency by allowing the GPU to render directly to the front buffer.

You can now go and visit the NVIDIA developer website and download the new update of NVIDIA GameWorks VR 1.1. You have to be a registered GameWorks developer to get the most out of this download. To do that you can visit the developer program page right here.

You can also read more on the NVIDIA GameWorks APIs by visiting this VR game development page.

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