GPU Caps Viewer 1.33.0 Release is now Available for Download

GPU Caps Viewer 1.33.0 Release

GPU Caps Viewer 1.33.0 Release has been announced and is now available for download for free. This new version comes with improvements, bug fixes and support for recent GPU releases most notably NVIDIA GTX 1050 for notebook, Intel HD Graphics 630, and Radeon R7 M300 series.

GPU Caps Viewer is a Graphics card and GPU monitoring utility which supports OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenCL, PhysX and CUDA API information. It is designed to run on Windows based operating systems and provides information on NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon based graphics cards.

What’s new With GPU Caps Viewer 1.33.0 Release

In addition to support for the new Graphics cards, this release also fixes a crash bug in Vulkan demos found in the GeeXLab plugin when run against recent graphics drivers.

One can now get a full VK-Z report under the Vulkan tab. Not all Vulkan-capable GPUs are visible to GPU Caps Viewer. Still on Vulkan, the latest headers have been used to recompile the utility.

You can download the latest copy of GPU Caps Viewer 1.33.0 Release from the download location found here.

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