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Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Walkthrough Gallery

Horizon Zero Dawn is a third-person perspective video game developed by Guerrilla Games. It is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and has been released exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

This open-world, action role-playing was released worldwide on February 28, 2017, and even got nominated for The Game Award for Most Anticipated Game. This Ps4 video game is built using the Decima game engine previously used in Killzone Shadow Fall.

The Horizon Zero Dawn Plot

Horizon Zero Dawn is a Single-player game that revolves around Aloy. The story starts by highlighting her growing up from a baby in a world infested with robots in the form of mechanized animals known as machines. She is an outcast girl who sets out to discover the world and the reason why she had been so sheltered.

Through her quests and adventures, she explores the entire open world and can take on side missions interacting with different communities.

These creatures can be disabled or so to speak, killed then looted for resources in this post-apocalyptic land. Aloy uses available weapons and tactics to do this including ranged, melee weapons, and stealth tactics. These resources for machines are vital for her survival. She comes in as a huntress and archer.

Other elements in the gameplay include being able to hack certain machines, lay traps, ambush, use trip-wires to subdue these robotic creatures.

The game has a dynamic day-night cycle and weather system that can be explored with ease. It features corruption Zones. These are areas that have heightened difficulty and are populated by infected Machines. In these zones, the robots behave with more aggression.

More of the map in the game can be uncovered by scaling Tallnecks. These are large giraffe-like creatures split into 25 different designs. Save points and fast travel can be accessed by interacting with campfires. Players can use a dialogue wheel to communicate with non-playable characters.

Without much ado, you can find out more details about the video game from the official game website here.

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