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IndieCade Festival 2015: The Count Down

The IndieCade Festival 2015 is just around the corner and going by the previous year’s festival, this one has a lot of promise in store. The IndieCade Festival 2015 will be held in Culver City, CA the USA on October 23rd to 25th, 2015.

The annual IndieCade Festival which is held every October in the Los Angeles area is the main event of IndiCade which also includes IndieCade Showcase and IndieCade East.

What is IndieCade Festival?

IndieCade is all about the independent game development industry and how the world is affected and impacted by games. This is done in various ways with a huge part of it being the festivals that are organized throughout the year.

IndieCade helps the independent game developers gain recognition for the work, innovative methods in an industry that is caged in by the big game publishers.

The Festival

Following the success of IndieCade East held earlier in the year, IndieCade Festival 2015 promises to take things up a notch higher. It is expected that there will be attendants from around the world with tickets already up for sale.

Attendants will have an opportunity to not just preview and play games but to also meet the game developers. There will also be conference talks and presentations and of course party and gaming sessions in the evening.

The IndieCade Festival will then close with an award ceremony recognizing game developers with media choice, developer and audience awards.

I would like to urge you to not take our word for it but to find out more for yourself and to register for the upcoming Festival 2015 here.

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