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How do I Install Fonts on my Windows PC?

Have you ever been in a situation when you open a document and you get a message about missing fonts on your computer? The good news is that it is quite easy to install fonts on your Windows PC.

The Windows ecosystem takes care of the internals and generally, there are two main ways of installing the font you want.

The first step is to download the font you need to install from an online source or you could get a copy from a USB stick or DVD, it doesn’t matter.

Please ensure you are not trying to download a Webfont. Ideally, Desktop fonts on Windows should be either True Type Fonts (TTF) or Open Type Fonts (OTF) for the installation to work as expected.

If the font you have downloaded is in a zip file, you must extract it first. Right-click on the extracted font and select Install and the font will be installed.

On Windows 10, you can search for fonts in the start menu and select Font Settings. You can then drag and drop fonts into the dotted border rectangle to install fonts on your PC.

On Windows 8, you can go to search in the start menu and search for Fonts. Select Fonts Folder to open the folder in Explorer. Drag and drop the font file into this folder.

For those with Windows Vista and XP, you will need to install fonts from the Control Panel. Go to Appearance and Personalization then click on Fonts.

Click File then Install New Font. Navigate to the location you extracted your font file and select the font then press the Install button.

All in all, the easiest method to install fonts on a Windows PC is simply using the first method of simply right-clicking on the font file and selecting Install.

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