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Intel Announces the 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPUs for For Desktops and Performance Laptops

The Silicon valley chip giant Intel has finally announced the seventh generation CPUs for Desktops and performance Laptops. Kaby Lake CPUs the newest hot chips off the production line. These are designed for more powerful computers as we will see later on in this report.

The Kaby Lake CPUs come in two series. First there is the “H-series“. This series targets performance laptops and mobile workstations. The “S-series” is designed for Desktops and non-mobile workstations.

This new line of chips comes hot a few months after the “Y-series” and the “U-series” Seventh generation CPUs where released for ultra-thin notebooks and the powerful ultra-portable devices respectively.

Highlights of the 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPUs

According to Intel, the S-series i7-7700K CPU is 25 percent faster than the i7-4770K. The latter is a fourth generation CPU. No word yet on comparisons between fifth and sixth gen CPUs series’. As for the H-series, they give a performance boost of up to 20 percent over the matching fourth gen chips.

Another point of interest especially for the video editors out there is the ability of the i7-7700K to create, share and stitch 4K 360-degree videos 35 percent faster than the i7-4770K. Again these are stats direct from Intel

The base clock speed of the i7-4770K is set at 4.2GHz with boost speeds up to 4.5GHz. This is more than the comparable sixth gen i7-6700K which is base clocked at 4GHz and a boost speed up to 4.2GHz.

These chips house Intel HD 630 graphics even though they are capable of pairing well with the high end NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. The chips are more energy efficient and promise more stability while overclocking. All this comes with four cores and eight threads through Hyperthreading as well as the dual-core, four threads Core i3-7350K.

Ideally the i7-7700K Kaby Lake CPUs are expected to retail at US$339. The Core i3-7350K is expected to trade at US$168. The Core i5-7600K will retail at US$217. They should hit the market late January or early February 2017 along side a bunch of 40 new i3, i5 and i7 7th generation core processors which will launch later in the year.

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