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Round up of January 2021 Monthly Free Assets for Unreal Engine

Epic Games have announced the line up of five collections for the January 2021 monthly free assets from the Unreal Engine marketplace.

The free for the month program, also known as Sponsored Content Program, is where Epic Games come up with a selection, usually, five different packs, that are offered to Unreal Engine users at 100% discount for the entirety of the month.

With that said, let’s proceed with what’s in store for January 2021 monthly assets.

Advanced Puzzle Constructor

January 2021 Free for the Month
Image Credits: Andrey Harchenko

The Advanced Puzzle Constructor is a game asset pack by Andrey Harchenko is a Toolkit for creating and prototyping gameplay. It features Blueprints with features Telekinesis Gun and Telekinesis object. It comes with Gameplay objects that include Vertical Ladder, Buttons, Doors, Lift, Conveyor, Ray Detector, and more.

These assets are officially supported on the Windows development platform and include an assortment of Static meshes, Materials, Material functions, Animations, Rigged to Epic skeleton, Root-Motion and In-Place animation types, and more than 36 sounds.

Check out the Advanced Puzzle Constructor pack here.

Western Desert Town

Image Credits: KK Design

The Western Desert Town is an asset pack released by KK Design.

This pack consists of a complete western desert environment with more than 340 models. They include modular buildings, caves, and mines, a large set of props, furniture, nature assets, and a dynamic day/night cycle with rain options.

Complete Blueprints buildings include a saloon, church, hotel, general store, sheriff’s office, and a bank. All can be used and modified as well as being used as a basis to create more.

The nature assets include the likes of grass, hay, cactus, dead tree models, and a set of rock formations.

To find out more and to get this asset pack please visit the official Unreal Engine marketplace page here.

Sword and Shield First Person Animation Set

Image Credits: Hammerhead

The Sword and Shield First Person Animation Set is an asset pack by Hammerhead which consists of a set of 35 hand-crafted first-person sword and shield animations.

The basic player controller is based on the UE4 First Person template included in Unreal Engine. Attacks are available in single-animation form as well as split into Charge, Hold, and Release segments. AnimBP is set up to allow certain attacks to string together seamlessly. Placeholder sword and shield meshes included which can be modified or replaced.

The animations in this asset pack are for first-person use only. The animations are staged to look best from a specific first-person camera angle, meaning things that happen off-screen may not fit right.

You can get this asset from the official marketplace link here.

Smoke Builder

Image Credits: W3 Studios

The Smoke Builder asset pack by W3 Studios is ideal for making Smoke, Steam, or Fog effects. It allows you to use the pre-made effects or create your own look with this high-resolution pack.

The effects are designed as a modular effect library, allowing for easy combination and modification of new custom smoke effects. All effects are created at 2048×2048 resolution in HDR format.

You can gain access to this effects pack by visiting the official asset page here.

City Subway Tunnel

Image Credits: Dekogon Studios

Finally, to close the January 2021 free assets list is the City Subway Tunnel by Dekogon Studios is a New York-style underground subway tunnel pack. This package includes a set of meshes and a simple blueprint spline set up to create a subway tunnel or similar scene. All the assets, materials, and VFX are created in Unreal Engine and are production-ready quality.

Other features include Over 100+ mesh assets, master material on surfaces to control dirt, wetness, decay, and more. There are material setups such as fog and lighting rays as well as Blueprint for easy light rig setup.

There are Grunge, graffiti, and decay decals. Cinematic Post Processing and setup is also part of this package. As for tileable texture sets, you will find concrete, damaged concrete, stained concrete, trash, leaks, rusted metal, and many more.

Please visit the official package page on the Unreal marketplace here.

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