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Jetson TX1, the Little Super Computer From NVIDIA

There is a high-performance, low-energy computing module and platform ideal for learning and computer vision. That is the NVIDIA Jetson TX1.

Jetson TX1 is also suitable for compute-intensive embedded projects like drones, autonomous robotic systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), mobile medical imaging, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and more.

Who is Jetson TX1 Ideal For?

Jetson TX1 is great not only for OEMs but is great for large and small businesses, independent developers and hobbyists alike.

What Exactly is Jetson TX1?

NVIDIA recently announced the release of the Jetson TX1 which is billed as a supercomputer on a module. It comes with a mobile processor with the NVIDIA Maxwell architecture. The same architecture found in NVIDIA’s line of high-end GPUs.

This mobile processor includes a 64-bit CPU,  256 GPU cores and 4K video capabilities at 60 fps. With this module we are bound to see leans in artificial intelligence in Next Generation Autonomous Robots and Drones.

The current release of Jetson supports the NVIDIA CUDA platform and OpenGL 4.4 and is an end to end platform taking you from concept to software and hardware design.

To get the most Jetson TX1 you can join the NVIDIA Embedded Developer program and receive access to the latest software releases and tools, notifications about special developer events and webinars and download software for the latest NVIDIA Embedded DevKits.

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