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Laravel 9 Release is Now Available

Laravel 9 release has been announced for general availability. This release comes with a host of new features and fixes.

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web application framework based on Symfony and designed to use the model–view–controller architectural pattern.

Laravel 9 release is the next long-term support version (LTS) and will receive bug fixes until February 2024 and security fixes until February 2025.

Laravel 9 Release Highlights

Symfony 6.0 has a minimum requirement of PHP 8 which means this release will carry this same restriction. This is because the latest Laravel version requires Symfony 6.0.

There is a new design for routes:list command that improved a design feature where when you have huge and complex routes defined it can be difficult trying to view them in the console.

With a new artisan test --coverage option, the call will display the test coverage directly on the terminal.

This release will feature a new Query Builder Interface, use of the PHP 8 string functions str_contains(), str_starts_with() and str_ends_with().

Symfony Mailer is now used instead of SwiftMailer which is no longer maintained. There are improved Eloquent accessors and mutators defining.

This new release comes with Controller Route group improvements as well as implicit Enum bindings introduced in PHP 8.1.

For more details on these plus a more extensive guide to Laravel 9 please visit the release announce page.

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