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LLVM 3.9 Release has Been Announced

The free and open source LLVM 3.9 release has been announced for general availability and can now be downloaded.

LLVM is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies commonly used with the Clang front end.

Highlights of the LLVM 3.9 Release

There are a host of bug fixes and improvements that have made it into the LLVM. There is new libstdc++ ABI compatibility as well as support for all OpenCL 2.0 and all non-offloading OpenMP 4.5 features.

There is improved ELF linking with lld, identical code folding and initial LTO support in lld. There are also many new clang-tidy checks, improved optimization among other changes that can be found here.

You can visit the download page to get yourself the latest copy of this toolkit.

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