MapLibre GL Official Open Source Successor to Mapbox GL JS

MapLibre GL

MapLibre GL is a community-led open-source fork derived from Mapbox GL JS prior to their switch to a non-open-source license. It is tagged as the official successor to Mapbox GL JS.

This past December Mapbox announced that starting Mapbox GL JS version 2.0 would be released under a proprietary license. Older versions will continue to be available as open-source though going forward, Mapbox will only be investing in developing new features for the proprietary version.

Mapbox GL JS is a JavaScript library for interactive, customizable vector maps on the web.

MapLibre GL is considered the official open-source successor to Mapbox GL JS. This is as a result of the effort to avoid fragmentation with this library due to the sheer number of forks that were created following Mapbox’s announcement.

For those that depend on mapbox-gl directly, you can simply replace mapbox-gl with maplibre-gl in package.json to proceed:

Mapbox is used in services like Jetpack for the Map block as well as many plugins on It is also used in Plugin developers who have integrated the open-source Mapbox GL JS may want to check out this library as an open-source alternative to Mapbox’s proprietary 2.0 version.