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Modern C++ Core Guidelines

I was originally going to share this as a link but I just had to change my mind and show my support for this modern C++ guidelines write-up.

The C++ core guidelines has been written and edited by Bjarne Stroustrup and Herb Sutter with further ideas, additions and corrections being welcome from the C++ programmer community.

The first thing to note is that this document is still a working in progress nevertheless it still contains valuable information. The C++ core guidelines covers several areas but in a nutshell it is a set of guidelines for using C++ well that I believe every C++ programmer should adopt.

This C++ core guidelines document covers the use of modern C++ effectively as well the improved C++14 code, the soon to come C++17 and the ISO technical report.

The C++ core guidelines document gives emphasis in ISO Standard C++ and the use of the C++ libraries in your coding projects. These guidelines are written in a prescriptive manner. This means you end up knowing why you need to do something in a certain way  as opposed to just being told not to do something without an explanation.

without too many spoilers you can go ahead and access the C++ core guidelines here.


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