Fun With Programming in Modern C++ Part 1 – Hello World

Hello World Programming

As it is with every other traditional programming tutorial or lesson for that matter This hello world tutorial follows in the same tradition. It is is the first part in the series of Modern C++ programming tutorials by So Interactive TV.

Here we are introduced to the basic of a C++ program showing how the main() function is used. This tutorial also covers the basics of the preprocessor focusing on the #include preprocessor directive.

The video also takes a quick peek at the namespace and how it is used as well as the cout token and how it is used to print content to the standard output which in this case is the terminal.

This introduction also shows a quick glimpse into the assembly language code that is generated from this simple Hello World C++ program. So to get started in learning C++ you can watch the tutorial and be sure to subscribe for notifications when new tutorials are released each and every week.

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Check Out the Hello World C++ Program Below

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