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No Mans Sky Gameplay Walkthrough Gallery

Developed for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows, No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival video game. It is developed by the creators of Joe Danger, Hello Games, an indie game studio, and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

This single-player and multiplayer video game was initially released worldwide on August 9, 2016.

The Point of No Man’s Sky

The idea of No Man’s Sky is to take on the role of a planetary explorer in this procedural open universe video game. Basically, the player spends his time trading, exploring, surviving, and combating hostiles.

The elements of the game are procedurally generated. These include the planets, stars, their ecosystems, the flora and fauna contained within.

The game is said to contain over 18 quintillions (1.8×1019) planets. The player or traveler spends his time hopping from planet to planet collecting resources to survive and to help map out the atlas. These details can be shared with other players.

Collecting too many resources for killing the fauna on planets can attract the attention of sentinel droids which will attempt to kill the traveler. This is one of those games that you’ve got to play to appreciate it.

You can get more details about the game from the official website here.

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