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Ogre 2.1 Baldur Release Announced With a new Compositor

Ogre 2.1 Baldur release has been announced for general availability with a new compositor and the Hlms (High Level Material System).

The latest version of Ogre the, popular open-source cross-platform graphics engine comes with a host of new features, improvements, and fixes.

Among the highlights of Ogre 2.1 Baldur release includes some changes starting off with names no longer being compulsory. Names no longer need to be unique and are optional meaning two SceneNodes can now have the same name.

Entity *myEnt = sceneManager->createEntity( "meshName.mesh" );
myEnt->setName( "myEntityName" ); //This call is optional

There is now a new Compositor, heavily inspired by Blender‘s Compositor system, which is the way to tell Ogre how you want to render the scene. With the Compositor, the user no longer needs to deal with setting Viewports, RenderTargets, updating these RenderTargets every frame, etc.

The user has now to set up Nodes and a Workspace. The workspace is the top-level system where the user indicates which Nodes he wants to use and how they will be connected.

HLMS which stands for “High Level Material System” is the new material system used in Ogre 2.0. It comes with updated user-friendly features and better performance.

To find out more about the many new features including but not limited to Area lights, Parallax Corrected Cubemaps, Forward Clustered lights, HDR, and Exponential Shadowmaps, you can visit the Ogre manual here.

You can download the Ogre 2.1 Baldur release SDK from here. Before you get your copy please check out the software and hardware requires here.

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