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OOVCDE C++ Automated Analysis Gets an Update

OOVCDE is an automated object-oriented analysis tool and development platform for C++ and Objective-C.

This open-source utility is useful for automatically generating build, class, sequence and component diagrams for C++ and Objective-C.

OOVCDE Version 15-10 was recently released and is available on Sourceforge. SVG diagrams are automatically generated from C++ files using LLVM/CLang to parse the C++ source files, GDB to debug and GTK to display the analysis.

OOVCDE build and analysis tools are compatible with Windows and Linux and are accessed via a GUI interface on the command line interface.

The various types of analysis that can be performed using this C++ utility includes code coverage, code complexity, line counts, Class member usage, project statistics, and duplicate code.

Head on over to the official download site and get yourself a copy

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