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POCO 1.7.9 Release is now Available for Download

The POCO 1.7.9 release has been announced for general availability. This new version comes with a host of bug fixes, performance updates and upgrades.

POCO is an cross platform, open source C++ class libraries designed to be used for building Internet and network based applications. It is designed to work across several platforms including embedded systems, Desktop platforms, Server and Mobile platforms.

Highlights of This POCO 1.7.9 Release

This version now comes a couple of bundled upgraded. It is now bundled with SQLite 3.20.1 database library. as well as also coming bundled with expat 2.2.3 release.

There is also improved support and fixes for QNX platform in addition to other fixes such as failed compiles of xmlparse in WinCE. XPath also gets some fixes as well as an unresolved path in Visual Studio 2008.

The issue with using a random salt for Poco::XML::NamePool has now been fixed as well as making AbstractEvent::hasDelegates() thread safe.

To see these and more changes you can visit the official POCO changelog page here. Meanwhile you can get your download started by going to the download page found here.

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