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Pressure Mounts on Java and C on the TIOBE Index for April 2017

According to the TIOBE Index for April 2017 it looks like the top two most popular programming languages, Java and C have been losing large chunks of their popularity to other languages. More than a decade ago the C++ Programming language took a series of hits that has seen it dwindle down to 4.5 percentage points as of this month.

These ratings can have several meanings depending on whichever way you look at it. As far as we at Brightwhiz.com can tell is that these mature and traditional languages are facing stiff competition from newer sleek languages.

One thing the old guards have going for them is that they rely on consistency and stability to hold their own. Over the past few months and including the current ratings, we’ve noticed that these new sleek languages pop in with a bang and slowly fizzle out. That is something we here would like to analyze over time to see if the newer languages are just a fad or do they have what it takes to stand the test of time.

Let’s Jump right in and Check out the TIOBE Index for 2017 Highlights

The top twenty programming languages for April 2017 are starting at Number 20 after dropping three spots we have PL/SQL. Scratch and Go are the new kids on the block who come in at positions 19 and 18 respectively having made big jumps from as low as 44. MATLAB and Visual Basic comes in at 17 and 16.

The bottom of the top 15 is taken by R followed by Objective-C at 13. Assembly Language climbs up one spot to rest at position 12, one spot behind Swift, which is hot on the heels of Ruby.

The top 10 programming languages see Perl holding out just behind Delphi/Objective Pascal at number nine. Eight spot goes to JavaScript while Visual Basic .NET takes seventh place. Sixth is PHP followed by Python. C# loses a few percentage points but holds out at number four.

The top three remains unchanged with C++ inches below C and Java firmly at the number one spot with a 15 percent point rating.
You can check out more on the TIOBE index by visiting the index page here.

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