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Qt 5.6.0 Release Candidate Available for Download

With the release of Qt 5.6.0 Release Candidate, it brings us ever closer to the final stable release of this cross-platform development toolset and development libraries.

For those who had not downloaded the previous Beta version, you can get the release candidate version from the download site for non-commercial users.

Those users with previous versions can simply go to the Qt Maintenance tool and update to Qt 5.6.0 directly. This, however, will not work on the previous Alpha and Beta version as they did not come bundled in the online installer but where distributed using the offline installer.

This release comes with a host of new feature updates across the board as well as several bug fixes and security and performance improvements.

What Should I Know About Qt 5.6.0 Release Candidate?

It is also worthwhile to note that Qt Script and Qt Enginio are now deprecated and scheduled for future removal. For now, they are still part of the current release.

Qt WebKit and Qt Declarative (Qt Quick 1) are no longer part of the official release. If you still want to use either of these modules you still have the option of building them from the source code.

Being forward focused. Qt 5.6.0 Release Candidate includes some technology preview modules. These include:

  • Qt 3D: A new buffer and attribute API
  • Qt Quick Controls 2.0: A light-weight set of embedded and mobile orientation controls
  • Qt SerialBus: A new module for general purpose serial bus access. This comes with initial implementations for Controller Area Network (CAN) bus and Modbus access

You can go over to the Qt Wiki here and check out more details on what this release has in store for the other existing modules.

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