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Qt 5.7 Release now Available for Immediate Use

We have been following the progress of Qt 5.7 Release through the Beta and Release Candidate versions. It is great to see the stable release out for immediate availability.

This version of this cross-platform development toolkit comes with a host of bug fixes including the QML Type Cache bug which caused the Qt Quick application to crash under certain conditions.

Highlights of the Qt 5.7 Release

One of the important changes of note with the Qt 5.7 Release is the change in licensing with the open source license. Previously it was available under LGPL version 2.1. That is no longer the case.

With this release comes with LGPL version 3 (and GPL version 2) for most of the libraries and frameworks. Qt Creator comes licensed under GPL version 3.

One of the driving forces behind this is the continued unification of the open source and commercial version code and components for application development.

Open source Qt application developers now have access to Qt Virtual Keyboard, Qt Purchasing, Qt Quick 2D renderer, Qt Charts and
Qt Data Visualization.

Qt 5.7 Release now requires a C++11 compliant compiler to build and use Qt.

You can visit the changelog page to get the whole scoop of the features that come with this release. Be sure to also check out the release page and get yourself a copy of this framework. from the download page or the Qt account portal.

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