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Qt Creator 4.0.0 is now Available for Download

Qt Creator 4.0.0 has been announced for immediate availability. It comes available with two licensing options. It comes available as an open source offering as GPLv3 with exceptions as well as the commercial license.

This release comes after several months of testing through the Alpha and Beta releases.

What’s new in Qt Creator 4.0.0?

This release comes with significant changes starting off with a new flat theme. A lot of features that were only available under the commercial license have now bee moved into the open source license version.

The now open sourced tools include the likes of the extended QML profiler and the Clang Static Analyzer.

CMake projects now benefit from an improved workflow which includes automated triggering of CMake when needed. The QML Profiler includes the new Flamegraph while support has been added for the new Qt Quick COntrols 2.

Finally there are a number of performance improvements and bug fixes that have made it into this latest release of Qt Creator 4.0.0.

For a complete list of changes into Qt Creator you can visit the change log here. To download the open source version you can visit the download page here. If you are planning to upgrade you can use the Qt Maintenance tool to update your installed version.

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