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Download Your Qt Creator 4.0.3 Release Now

Qt Creator 4.0.3 update release has been announced and this comes primarily as a bug fix update. This release comes in the heels of the recently released Qt Creator 4.1.0 Beta which we have covered separately.

Qt is an open source application development framework that is primarily used for developing in the Qt C++ framework. The Qt Creator software is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of choice for developing cross-platform applications in Qt-C++, C, C++, JavaScript, and QML. Other languages can be developed using plugins.

The Beta versions introduce experimental support for the Nim programming language.

What has Been Fixed in Qt Creator 4.0.3

The disabled run button in Unix platforms has been fixed. ABI detection on NetBSD and OpenBSD an issue with open projects from symbolic links has been fixed. Under Clang, an incorrect placement of dots in floating-point numbers has been fixed. You can get a detailed update report here.

You can update your copy of Qt Creator 4.0.3 from the Qt Maintenance tool. If this is a fresh install you can download the open source version from the official download site. For those with or preferring the commercial license can get it from the Qt Account Portal.

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