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Qt Creator 4.0 Beta released

The team at the QT Company has announced the immediate release of Qt Creator 4.0 Beta. Qt Creator is primary an open source C, C++ and Objective-C IDE for developing cross platform CPP and QML projects. With Qt creator you can develop other projects including Python. Qt Creator’s strengths are the Qt class library that is ideal for building GUI applications on Linux, MAC, Windows, Mobile and embedded devices.

What is new in Qt Creator 4.0 Beta?

Some features only available under the commercial license are now open source. These include the test integration, Clang static analyzer integration and QML Profiler extensions.

In addition to these there is now additional support in QMake Projects such as
Qt Labs Controls Application wizard among others. CMake Projects also get a face lift which now runs automatically in the background. There is also a lot more that can be found in the change log.

Qbs Projects is now improved when opening large projects. The QML Profiler and
Clang Static Analyzer get some improvements. Test Integration gets added features and so does the Qt Quick Designer with an addition of a dialog for adding signal handlers.

The minimum supported version of Git is now Git 1.8.0. On Windows the detection of the Clang tool chain is now automated. On Android the Selecting of Android Devices is now fixed.

You can go to the official download site to download a copy of Qt Creator 4.0 Beta. There is also the change log link where you can get more details of this release.

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