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Qt Creator 4.1 RC1 has Been Announced

The team at Qt have announced the release of Qt Creator 4.1 RC1 for immediate availability. This release comes about a month after the Beta release as highlighted in this article.

Qt Creator is a free open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building cross-platform applications in C, C++, JavaScript, and QML.  It also has bindings for Python.

Highlights of the Qt Creator 4.1 RC1 Release

The Qt Creator 4.1 RC1 release is primarily a bug fix release that is a predecessor to the final version expected within the next few weeks. In light of that. There are additional dark and light Solarized editor color schemes that have been added in this release.

There are also a couple of known issues in relation to the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 and Clang 3.8 static analyzer plugin.

You can get a copy of Qt Creator 4.1 RC1 from the official Qt download page here. For those with commercial licenses then it is available through the account portal.

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