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Qt Creator 4.9.0 Release is now Available for Download

The new Qt Creator 4.9.0 release has been announced for general availability. This new version comes with a bunch of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Qt Creator is the ultimate free and open source and cross-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing applications primary using the Qt Framework.

This version of Qt Creator 4.9.0 release builds on the generic programming language support through the language server protocol. This version adds support for the document outline, find usages, and also for code actions.

Highlighting is now based on the KSyntaxHighlighting library, which is the library used in KDE.

There are C++ improvements around the UI for diagnostics from the Clang analyzer tools.

The QML parser has now been updated to Qt 5.12, which adds support for ECMAScript 7.

Perf performance profiling tool for software is now is available for applications running on a local Linux system.

Other platform dependent features include support for MSVC 2019 on Windows and on macOS, there is support for the Touch Bar on supported MacBooks.

For these and more details on the changes that come with the Qt Creator 4.9.0 release, you can visit the official release page found here.

meanwhile, you can update to the latest version using the online installer. First-time installers can download the open source version of Qt Creator from the download page here. For commercial users, you can proceed right from the At Account Portal found here.

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