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Radare2 4.5.0 Release is now Available for Download

Radare2 4.5.0 release codenamed organized chaos was announced for general availability and is now available for download.

Radare2 4.5.0 release comes with a host of bug fixes and new and updated features wrapped up in 426 commits from 58 contributors.

Some of the highlights in this version include added support for WebAssembly SIMD extension, implementation of assembler endbr32 and endbr64 instructions, and initial API for base type kinds (enum, struct, union).

Other changes are, PowerPC has been renamed to PPC, there is improved RISC-V analysis for compressed instructions, and an improved Xcode symbols parser.

There are now performance improvements in DEX parsing, fixed several crashes when loading corrupted files, DWARF 4 and 5 line parsing additions, and added support for BA2 ELF as well as relocation entries for AARCH64 and PPC.

For more details on these features and more as well as access to the binaries and source code, please visit the official Radare2 release announce page here.

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