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The new Rust 1.9 Release Announced

A few weeks after the release of the previous version, the Rust Project Developers have announced that Rust 1.9 release is now out for general availability.

Rust can be described as systems and general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language. Sponsored by Mozilla Research, it is designed as a fast, thread-safe and concurrent language. Developers using Rust have a choice of pure-functional, imperative-procedural and object-oriented programming styles.

What are the Highlights in Rust 1.9

Rust 1.9 now comes with significant compile-time improvements, a result of their new build system introduced in version 1.8. Over 80 library functions and methods are now labeled as stable.

There are additions to the Networking modules specifically in TcpStream, TcpListener, SocketAddr, and UdpSocket. Under collections, OsString has now more methods as is the same as Slices. BTreeSet and HashSet also get the same treatment.

char can be decoded into UTF-16 while a few more raw pointers have been added into this version. Cargo can now be run concurrently so no more limitations of having to run a single instance.

With the #[deprecated] attribute you can now tag an API with a deprecation warning. mips-unknown-linux-musl, mipsel-unknown-linux-musl, and i586-pc-windows-msvc are now new targets in the build system.

The std::panic module has been stabilized to properly handle panics in both expected and unexpected error conditions. The system can now recover from a panic if caught using catch_unwind then resumed using resume_unwind. This makes applications recover more reliably after critical errors have occurred.

For these and more highlights you can find out more in-depth details about Rust in general by visiting the official website. To read about the changes in the current release of Rust please visit their release announcement post here. You can get install Rust from the official download page here.

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