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Shoelace 2.0 Release is now Available

Shoelace 2.0 release has been announced and is now available for use in your web application and website projects. This is the first stable release.

Shoelace is an open source framework that provides a collection of professionally designed, highly customizable UI components built on a framework agnostic technology. One of the advantages is that this library allows users to build multiple apps with different frameworks that all share the same UI components.

Other Shoelace features includes that is works with CDNs, is fully customizable with CSS, includes a dark theme, built with accessibility in mind, has first-class React support, has built-in localization, and is open source.

There are over 50 accessible, handcrafted user interface components to choose from, and you can use them in any framework you want!

You can use Shoelace via CDN or by installing it locally. You can also cherry pick individual components for faster load times.

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