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The Ultimate nvm Cheatsheet

Posted: March 9, 2022 | by Site Host

nvm cheatsheet useful commands:

$ nvm ls-remote                 # lists all of the available versions of NodeJs & iojs
$ nvm ls                        # list locally installed version
$ nvm install 0.12.3            # install the version 0.12.3 (see ls-remote for available options)
$ nvm use 0.12.3                # switch to and use the installed 0.12.3 version
$ nvm which 0.12.2              # the path to the installed node version
$ nvm current                   # what is the current installed nvm version
$ nvm alias default 0.10.32     # set the default node to the installed 0.10.32 version
$ nvm --help                    # the help documents

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